Every year millions of dollars are spent in false insurance claims. Profits are lost due to employee theft and productivity suffers with owners and managers on the road more now than ever before. Innova offers video surveillance systems that bring peace of mind, increased revenues and ease-of-use to franchise owners in all areas of business.


Video Surveillance Systems are crucial to small businesses and our Papa Murphy’s Franchisee owners know that. After installing video systems in over 60 Papa Murphy’s stores, Innova has discovered what works best for them as well. But not every store or installation is the same, which is why we tailor the system to match your needs.

A typical Papa Murphy’s store must be able to view the general Lobby, the Make Line (where Pizzas are assembled under the observation of clientele) the Cash Registers/Credit Card machines, the back Prep areas, and the Manager’s Office. These strategic locations protect the business from loitering employees which increases productivity, reduces or mitigates false slip and fall or workman compensation claims, reduces or mitigates employee theft (product shrinkage) and also gives management the ability to monitor traffic/activity to gauge when staff is needed.

Furthermore, recorded video is an excellent training tool for new staff to see how seasoned staff members interact with clientele both in positive and negative situations. Coupled with audio recording, these systems can be used in a highly constructive manner apart from the “normal” use of camera systems.

Remember, when recording audio you must post notification (in some States) and include a notice in the Employee Handbook, otherwise it could be viewed as an invasion of privacy.