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Escena is a multi-housing development (a.k.a. apartment complex) with five buildings and a recreation building. INNOVA was asked to provide a strategy for the complex’s Fire Alarm System and Guest Entry/Access Control System.

Most apartment buildings have individual fire alarm systems in each building, and each one has monthly costs associated with them. Escena was hoping to find a way to reduce those ongoing monitoring costs. Additionally, they were hoping for a Guest Entry and Access Control system that could easily be administered remotely.

INNOVA utilized open-platform Silent Knight Fire Alarm Systems, linked from building to building to create a single, unified system across the six buildings. This allows each building to be ‘aware’ of the other buildings, and reduces the recurring monitoring expense from six fire alarm accounts to one.

We also partnered with Avigilon Access Control Systems and DoorKing to create a simple Guest Entry system where tenants could have card access to only the building they reside in, plus a Guest Call system at the main entrances where guests may call tenants for access.

Both systems are are easily managed from remote locations so property managers don’t need to be on site or take the time to walk to each building to make administrative changes to the system functions.

INNOVA made security simple for Escena, and made access effortless for their tenants, lowering costs in the process. This one was a win-win-win.

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